Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jerone goes to Moz

Sylvia takes a break from her hard work in the kitchen. Sylvia is one of our oldest "kids". She is doing a great job cooking. She is planning to go get some vocational training soon.
There is a lot of land at the orphanage for growing corn, vegetables, bananas, etc. The season are reversed so this is like the end of summer here. They are getting the ground ready for some planting soon.
Work in the fields is a group project.
Here is a typical meal if you are fortunate enough to be able to have this much. The white "stuff" on the top is the basic fare in Mozambique (and other African countries). In Moz it's called sudza. It is comparable to cornmeal mush (white corn). They eat a lot of this. It feels you up but has little nutrition. The greens on the left are from the garden and you can probably tell what the other portion is. Check out those eyes staring at you!
The transformer needed fixing so up they go to take care of it. While it was down it meant that the power wasn't working to pump the water from the well.
When you can't pump water you have to go and get it. Here are some pictures of the well and transporting water. Fortunately, its all fixed now!

This takes really talent!

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